The company was set up in 1992. In our offer for sale we have more than 290 miscellaneous metal weldment carriages, from simple recreation cabs for ponys, through sporting coaches, professional carriages like Marathon and recreation - touring like Wagonetta to L-plate carts and 15 person carriages Piknikwagen and Planwagen.
       In manufacture process we use state of the art methods of metal processing and maintenance, we guarantee solid upholstery and professional painting in lacquer cabin, thereby we obtain the highest quality of our carriages and spare parts.
       Factory employ high-skilled workers specialized in production metal carriages and spare parts. They will do everything to satisfy our customer needs and requiremnets. Every carriges in catalogue were made on customers application.
       We invite you to watch the photo gallery of our products. We hope that the quality and miscellaneous of our article will interesting you more.