Our factory was founded in 1992. We produce versatile leisure-carriages and professional sports carriages in 100 different basics models, which are made regarding to customers' specifications. In our offer you will find modern Wagonettes (also with "Western hood"); school carriages, Victoria, Vis A Vis, Landauer, picnic carriages and special carriages for the para-equestrian drivers. Modern equipment such as road lighting or heated seats are no longer a rarity. As sport models, we offer dressage and marathon carriages, that are always geared to the latest FEI standard:

  • for single pony / horse,
  • for pair ponies / horses,
  • for four-in-hand team ponies / horses.

         Tournaments are important to us, technical innovations as delay steering, 5th wheel brake, extending wheels track and rea wheels steering are our specialties. We are also proud to carry out your tournament model as training version, so that you can train close to competition conditions (pneumatic tires, ect.) Our engineering and production is focused on state-of-the-art metalworking, coating and preservation. We guarantee a solid and high-quality upholstery, which withstands everyday use and also strikes optically in a very nice way. Our painting cabin offers the possibility of versatile professional coating, which sets our carriages and spare parts to perfect quality and incomparable longevity. We employ 55 highly qualified employees, who fulfil almost every customer's request with enthusiasm for carriage-building. All carriages in the offer (http://www.dominiakz.pl) can be customized when ordering. We invite you to our photo gallery. Many of the international drivers, shown here, are already long-standing customers and enjoy constructive cooperation with us.
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